Product Price
Haddock and Chips £10
Small Haddock and Chips £7
Sweet & Sour Prawns and Chips £11
Chicken Breast Strips and Chips £6
Macaroni Cheese and Chips £5.50
Macaroni Cheese, Chips & Beans £5
Home made pie & Chips £7
Home made Burger/Cheese Burger/Cheesy Bacon Burger £6/£6.50/£7
Battered Charley Barley Black Pudding & Chips £5.50
Chips £2
Mushy Peas £1.50
Sweet & Sour Sauce £1.50
Tartar Sauce £1.50
Chinese Curry Sauce £1.50
Cheese added to chips 70p
Ketchup/Mayo 50p
Cans/Juice £1

How to Order:

  • Probably the easiest way to order your takeaway is by using the online booking system.  
  • You can order by calling us on 07985 233723
  • You can Text or use WhatsApp using 07985 233723
  • Message us on Facebook

For opening hours and to see where we are on a map please go to the Visit us page