Cake, coffee, hot food and bread all at Mollans shed in Shawbost.

Are you looking for somewhere to chill out and get a great cup of coffee and slace of cake?  Well you can get that here at the Rainbow honesty Shed along with home made ice cream, gifts and seaweed ... yes, seaweed!

In the season we are open 6 days a week and are usually on the site as we live in the adjoining house.  Fresh bread, cakes and bakes are available along with home made ice creams, frozen meals, a fridge with essentials like milk and cheese.  Eggs from our garden hens and ducks are usually available to buy.  There is a kettle and a microwave for you to use although if we are home we are happy to heat your food for you.

Alongside all of the wonderful food, sweets and treats you will also find a selection of hand knitted items like hats and scarves.

Hand made jewellery, pencils and other little souvenirs are also in the shed.

Check out the fully stocked freezer or grab a drink and other essentials from the fridge.

Mollans rainbow honesty shed in Shawbost on the Isle of Lewis
Mollans coffee and cake at our honesty shed
A friendly quirky cafe for everyone

Savoury Pastries

We make meat pies, vegan pasties, sausage rolls and quiches.  All of our pastry is made from home and is palm oil free.  

Pies can be purchased fresh or frozen and if you order in advance we will be happy to pop them in the oven so they are hot when you collect them.

Pies, pasties and bread freshly baked

Cakes & Bakes

Whether you are looking for a luscious lemon drizzle cake, mouthwatering mollanaires shortbread or a great big slab of bread pudding you will not be disappointed. We love baking... no really, we LOVE baking and having the Rainbow Shed means that we can bake all day long and know there is never any waste.

Fresh tasty cakes for everyone


There is only one thing better than the smell of fresh bread straight out of the oven and that is a large dob of butter on a piece of fresh bread straight out of the oven.  Luckily we are self disciplined enough to keep our mitts off bread ordered by our customers.  We can make wholemeal or white loaves or rolls.  We also use our home made rolls for our burgers and freshly made filled rolls in the summer.

Fresh baked bread and rolls on the Isle of Lewis


We love to forage from the sea and from the shore-line.  


Mollans specialising in using seaweed from the beach some 400 meters from our home.  We have a licence from The Crown Estate to forage the seaweeds that we preserve and sell on.


When you visit us here there is a booklet all about what we do and our shoreline. You can also download it from this page and read it on your pc/phone.

Shawbost sea salt and dried seaweed available from the honesty shed

Frozen Ready Meals

Our creamy cheesy macaroni cheese is loved by everyone that eats it.  Who doesn't love a traditional dish using Marshalls Macaroni, very strong cheddar and double cream and made with love.  


We also make British Indian Restaurant style curries.  All made from scratch, no pastes or jars used.  The varieties change from time to time but usually include Korma, Passanda, Tikka Masala, Methi and Rezala.  Full portions in the freezer and basmati rice available too.  We have curry nights too on the first Wednesday of the month from May.

Take away curry night

Ice Cream

Fruity, boozy, creamy or unique.  Our home made ice creams really hit the spot in any season.  Made using an egg custard and cream base our ice creams are as varied as everything else we do.  Baileys, Tia Maria, blueberry, strawberry & cream, custard, chocolate, rocky road to name but a few.


You really have not tried ice cream until you have tried a Mollans ice cream.

Hoe made ice cream with so many unique flavours

If you fancy a hot takeout meal then pop on over to our sister site Mollans Takeaway. Click here to order your delicious food from Mollans


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